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Balance: Work Hard, Play Hard, Let Go

Achieving #balance in life involves the concepts of #working hard, #playing hard and #letting go of the things you cannot #control.

Achieving balance in life involves the concepts of working hard, playing hard and letting go of the things you cannot control. If you want to be happy, healthy, loving, and successful; then practice both working hard, giving it your all (be all in) and letting go (don’t sweat it, forget it).

Balance means:

· You can take things seriously and still laugh about it all.

· You can change what you can and accept what you cannot.

· You can both go with the flow and sometimes make the flow.

· You can give it your all and not worry about winning or losing or getting hung up on the outcome.

The trick is to hold both sets of these ideas in balance and to be able to give things your full effort and attention without being too concerned about getting everything you want. Life is too unpredictable for that. So investing in the process is more important and healthy than investing in the outcome. There is joy in the doing and giving, no matter what happens.

Being balanced also means having a lightness and ease to your being and living. You can be lighthearted even as you are focused and involved. Taking things lightly doesn’t mean that you get lazy, stand on the sidelines, let work slide, or refuse to get involved. When you are lighthearted, you can still perform your roles with efficiency. By the same token, being fully involved doesn’t mean being somber, grave, solemn, or absolutely certain. The key is to detach when you can and find the fun in both working and playing.

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