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With 25 years of experience in nonprofit consulting, Life by Design Coaching/Results Consulting will help you increase your impact and do good, BETTER.​



  • Strategic Partnership Development to increase and maximize use of resources through collaboration.

  • Mission, Vision, Values Clarification to provide common focus.

  • Client-Centered Program Design based on theories of change and client driven practices to increase effectiveness.

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  • Organizational/Team Performance Building that maximizes use of skill sets and promotes sustainability.

  • Process/Procedure Improvement Strategies to improve efficiency, maintain the knowledge base and market value add and ROI.

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  • Outcome Measurement to track the impact on people and community.

  • Performance Evaluation systems to provide continuous feedback of organizational performance using staff, partner and client input.

  • Community Assessment/Client Surveys to provide feedback about changing needs, strengths and perspectives.



  • Leadership/Executive Coaching to help people be both visionary and practical while asking tough questions and ensuring accountability.

  • Succession and Resource Planning to ensure smooth transition, foster understanding of what it costs the organization to deliver services and further diversify income streams.

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