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What Coaching Can Do for YOU

  • Help you gain clarity about who you are, what you want and your strengths and abilities

  • Assist you in finding ways to act with courage and Independence, while building a network of support

  • Work with you to set and achieve goals and develop an achievable plan for change

  • Challenge you to consider new possibilities and ways of doing and being

  • Provide you with support and encouragement while holding you accountable for making progress

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Coaching Topics

*Life Transitions                                         *Career Change     


*Living a Purposeful Life                  *Work/Life Balance   


*Assertiveness/Boundary Setting      *Unlocking Creativity

*Health and Wellness                             *Moving Forward

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With ADHD/EF Coaching, You CAN:
  • Achieve goals for organization, time
  • management and impulse control
  • Develop strategies and skills to
  • accomplish tasks
  • Build self efficacy, esteem and independence
  • Increase motivation
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