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Workshops + Talks 

Most talks and workshops are 60 to 90 minutes, and can be customized for your group or organization and delivered at your location. I periodically hold workshops in Downtown Asheviile. 

  • Setting Personal Goals and Identifying/Living Your Core Values

  • Setting Boundaries, Holding Them, and Being Assertive

  • Making Career Path Changes and Figuring Out What you Really Want to Do.

  • Controlling Negative Self Talk and Using Affirmations

  • Managing Your Time and Decluttering

  • Managing Change and the Stress that Comes with It

  • Strategically Plan Your Life

  • Learning to Create Your Own Happiness

 For Individuals/Groups 

  • Identifying Your Clients/Target Population

  • Clarifying Mission, Vision, Values and Goals 

  • Defining Your Impact and How to Measure It 

  • Conducting Community Assessments

  • Survey Development and Data Collection

  • Self Care for Caregivers

  • Team Building and Building Strategic Partnerships

 For Organizations  
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