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Workshops + Talks 

I have a passions for public speaking and teaching. Talks can range from 15 minutes to one hour. Most talks and workshops are 60 to 90 minutes. All can be customized for your group or organization and delivered at your location.  

  • Setting Personal Goals and Identifying/Living Your Core Values

  • Setting Boundaries, Holding Them, and Being Assertive

  • Making Career Path Changes and Figuring Out What you Really Want to Do.

  • Controlling Negative Self Talk and Using Affirmations

  • Managing Your Time and Decluttering

  • Managing Change and the Stress that Comes with It

  • Strategically Plan Your Life

  • Learning to Create Your Own Happiness

 For Individuals/Groups 

  • Identifying Your Clients/Target Population

  • Clarifying Mission, Vision, Values and Goals 

  • Defining Your Impact and How to Measure It 

  • Conducting Community Assessments

  • Survey Development and Data Collection

  • Self Care for Caregivers

  • Team Building and Building Strategic Partnerships

 For Organizations  
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