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Stop and Take Stock of Your Life: Ask Yourself These Critical Questions

Take stock of your #life by asking key #questions to determine what #drains and #constrains you and what brings you #energy, #joy and #purpose.

It is important to stop and smell the roses, but it is also equally important to stop and take stock of your life-where am I, is it working? To really step back and look at your life is not an easy task. It takes work to pull it all out and lay it on the table (so to speak) and get honest with yourself. But taking stock is necessary to move forward and to live a full and fulfilling life.

Taking stock means asking yourself these questions:

¨ What in your life is wasting your time?

¨ What is draining your energy?

¨ What is holding you back?

¨ Where are your biggest sources of stress?

Energy drainers, stressors and barriers are all pieces of the larger reason your life may not be working for you, or be happy, complete or balanced. So, they have to be addressed. And if it seems overwhelming to address every issue that arises when you ask the above questions, make a list of the ones that impede or bother you most. Pick just a few on which to focus and think about where you can get the most impact or change for the effort you will make.

On the flip side, decide what things are positive in your life.

¨ What brings you joy and/or contentment?

¨ What is working for you?

¨ What makes you feel alive or like you are on fire?

¨ What do you want more of in your life?

¨ What goals do you want to accomplish that you have been putting off?

Once again, this can become an overwhelming task, so pick what really matters to you most and start there. Think about the issues this list brings up and how those positive things can help with the stressors and barriers in your life.

You don’t have to take stock of your life every month, but stopping once a year (or if things in your life are moving quickly, every six months) to reflect on these questions will increase your ability to experience happiness and success, as well as deal with change.

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