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Seven #Success Strategies for #Career Changers

Today it is the norm to change jobs and careers many times over the course of your work life. Over the next few weeks, I will be writing about the key strategies for successful career change. These are core concepts, strategies, and tools I find myself relying upon again and again in my 15 years of work with career exploration and change clients. This article is an overview of those seven topics. Each week, I will focus in depth on each strategy, so check back every Monday for a new article.

1) Know yourself and what you want. This goes beyond knowing your skills and strengths to identifying your values, the type of work environment that fits you best, the type of people with whom you want to work, etc. It also involves having some kind of long-term vision or goal for the impact you want to have.

2) Adopt a growth mindset. At the core of the growth mindset, discussed by Carol Dweck, PhD, in her book Mindset, is the belief that you have the drive and capacity to learn new skills and develop additional strengths. It is the adoption of “not yet” language instead of “I can’t” or “I am bad at”.

3) Get real about the influence of culture, family, and context. Many people find themselves doing what was expected of them. We have deeply ingrained beliefs and scripts about what success looks like and who can be successful. It is imperative to examine and challenge those beliefs, pressures, stereotypes, and cultural norms.

4) Get out of your own way. This involves doing the work of recognizing the self-limiting beliefs of your inner critic and ego concerns that act as barriers to achieving goals.

5) Find your sweet spot. The sweet spot lies at the e intersection of what you love to do, what knowledge and skills you have and what people are willing to pay you to do. Your best shot at career fulfillment is at this intersection.

6) Invest in knowing and doing the uncomfortable. Getting out of your comfort zone is the only way to grow. Career change is about not only what you can do, but about what you are willing to and will do.

7) Learn to proactively sell yourself. The days of applying to a job you found online are gone. Career changers must develop a personal brand strategy while engaging in informational interviewing and networking.

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