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DO IT: How to Reinvent and Transform Your Life-Part 1

Because life brings #change, we have all opportunities to #reinvent ourselves and #transform our lives. In this article I talk about the first two #steps of #transformation and #change:

Drop the #baggage and determine what you want, and Open up, be #present and obtain new ways of being.

Because life brings change, we have all reinvented ourselves and are in the process of transformation; maybe without knowing it or defining it as such. Changes out of our control (loss of a job, illness, loss of a relationship) can be a catalyst for reinvention. Reinvention can also start when we look at our life and ask, “Why I am not happy” or “Why am I not following my dreams or hopes for my life?” No matter the spark, EVERYONE has the power to reinvent and transform themselves- to change. It is not reserved for the strong or the fortunate or the young or the energetic.

Reinvention doesn’t have to be dramatic or painful. It can be exciting, challenging and even energizing. I have developed a process to DO IT. These steps will help you go through the process of reinvention and transformation.

  • Drop the baggage and determine what you want

  • Open up, be present and obtain new ways of being

  • Investigate the possibilities--what if's and how's

  • Take action and move forward with courage and commitment.

In this article I will talk about the first two steps you can DO.

Drop The baggage (Let go of the past) and Determine what you want: Baggage weighs you down and costs a lot to check because, really, no one wants to deal with it. So the first step in any change process is to get rid of it, clear it out, and send it packing. Getting rid of negative energy means forgiving, releasing and letting go of the past and of fears that have been part of that past. It also means letting go of old beliefs, habits and negative self-talk. Identifying that baggage involves deep thinking, meditation, journaling and being aware of thoughts and behaviors.

Affirmations and intentions can help you identify what you want to bring into your life or affirm what is good about it. They focus you to start the ball rolling. Ask yourself: What do I want to create more of in my life? Who do I want to BE? How do I want to live? The answers to these questions create intentions and a vision of your future. It is important to have a clear vision about your purpose and what you want in life so that you begin moving toward it. There are many possible ways to get there and you may not know the next steps. For now, that is OK.

Open up, be present, and obtain new ways of being: There is a theory that you have to slow down, or even stop, to speed up. To stop and smell the roses. Many times, when you feel less burdened by baggage and have a sense of the future, you will feel the urge to move, to start the journey. But when you begin trying to engineer the perfect plan, you begin putting pressure on yourself to figure things out, to do something. When you try to make the HOW happen, you aren’t allowing the Universe to do its work. The key is to focus on the NOW and not the HOW.

This step of reinvention or transformation relies on being willing to trust. Letting go of fears makes us more open to trust. When you trust or have faith in your vision and intention, you can live in the present moment unsure of what happens next. Being in the present can actually be freeing. It is a time to turn inward and assess how you are feeling and doing and to listen to your inner voice. It is a time to focus outward and notice what is around you, to appreciate others, and to explore new ideas and actions. Try some things on- if you have a purpose, be willing to move forward even when you have no clue what the path looks like. Try and think more intuitively. You want your next step to be creative, new, and exciting. This means trying on and trying out new ideas and behaviors. Just like clothing, if it doesn’t fit or feel right you don’t invest in it. This step means acting “as if” even though you may not be there. You can act as if you are confident, outgoing, successful, emotionally available, trusting, etc. Whatever you need to begin your journey toward your vision, test it out now.

When you start working on the DO part of DO IT, you may need to seek out support. Coaches, mentors, books, audios are all terrific resources. The alternative to reinventing yourself is continuing to repeat old patterns and feeling stuck, hopeless, and unmotivated. YOU and your dreams are too valuable for you not to invest in change. In next week’s article I will talk about the last two steps in the process. The IT. Investigate the possibilities--what if's and how's and take action and move forward with courage and commitment.

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