Get Unstuck. Be Present. Move Forward. 

You CAN redesign, revitalize and redirect your life to achieve your goals and dreams.  


It is a new year and a time of beginnings. This year can be better if you work on making key decisions and creating plans to improve your happiness, health, wellness, career or relationships.


I will work with you through virtual or phone sessions at reduced rates to see new options and opportunities to actively live by design, not default.  

Lisabeth Medlock, Ph.D., CLC 

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30, 45 or 60 minute sessions conducted via phone/Zoom/Skype anywhere in the US

I believe everyone, no matter how life has challenged them, and no matter their abilities, has the capacity to change, to do better and to live a full life.  

Change is Possible 
My goal, as a coach, is to help you move from where you are now to where you want to be. If you are asking questions...Why am I not my best self or happy in my life? Why can't I seem to reach my goals? Why can't I figure out what I want?... then coaching may be right for you. 


  A few years ago I needed help getting myself and my business out of a slump. I found Lisabeth and she helped me turn my life around. She provided me with a no-nonsense approach and coaching that helped me get motivated, identify my strengths, and organize an approach to get back on track and move my life forward. She's a personal hero, pillar of strength, and brings energy and happiness to the table. I'm so glad I called Lisabeth and so glad she's always available."

Shelly Crews Jones, Chiropractor

   Dr. Medlock provides quality products because she takes time to understand a client’s goals, is creative and flexible and frankly because she works hard." 

Anita Floyd, VP, United Way of the Midlands

  Dr. Medlock has been an incredible asset, especially in the range of developing board relations, building our fundraising capacity, and conducting program evaluation.”

Mollie Williamson, Executive Director, Girls Rock Columbia



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